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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make sure the food you serve us tastes great each time?
With restaurants in Zimbabwe, we need to make sure that the quality and safety of our food is of the highest standard. We do this by following strict policies and controls in our restaurants, our kitchens and at our suppliers to make sure we deliver food that is 100% safe to eat.
Is KFC Chicken freshly prepared?
All our food, from our salads to our chicken, is freshly prepared in-store. Each piece of chicken is hand-breaded with the Colonel's famous secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices before cooking it to a specific time and ideal temperature in our kitchens.
How do you make sure that your chicken is of the highest quality?
We source our chicken from the very same suppliers that supply your favourite premium retailers, to make sure that our chicken is of the highest quality. Our chicken is cooked to a specific temperature and has a specific holding time to make sure that we serve you food that is hot, fresh and, most importantly, safe to eat.
Does KFC have an animal welfare policy?
Yes. We have strict animal welfare policies in place following local and global standards. Our suppliers are independently audited on an annual basis so that we can monitor these processes.
Who supplies chicken to KFC?
We purchase chicken from the very same suppliers that supply Zimbabwean's favourite premium retailers. We only buy chicken from approved and audited suppliers, and we make sure that our suppliers meet the highest international standards so that we can make sure all our chicken is of great quality and is 100% safe for you to eat.
What type of oil do you use?
At the moment, we use Double Fractionated Palmolein Oil. We've successfully removed all of the Trans Fatty Acids from our cooking oil without compromising on the great KFC taste you know and love.