Streetwise 2 / 3 Sadza Nuggets

KFC Zimbabwe - Streetwise 2 Sadza Nuggets

Streetwise 2/3 Sadza Nuggets $4,75/$6,25

Streetwise 2 with two or three pieces of chicken and 8 delicious Sadza Nuggets & gravy


Energy unavailable
Protein unavailable
Carbohydrates unavailable
Total Fat unavailable
Saturated Fat unavailable
Mono Unsaturated Fat unavailable
Poly Unsaturated Fat unavailable
Trans Fatty Acids unavailable
Cholesterol unavailable
Sodium unavailable
Potassium unavailable
Iron unavailable
Calcium unavailable
Vitamin A unavailable
Vitamin C unavailable
Total Dietary Fiber unavailable
Sugar unavailable

2 Piece $5

3 Piece $7